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New China made BMW 3 series standard LED headlight

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to NetEase automotive reports, a few days ago, brilliance BMW released a new 3 Series official map made by China. The new car is divided into standard wheelbase and long wheelbase version, and the LED headlights are standard. According to official sources, the new car will be officially launched in China in September 24th this year, and is now being accepted nationwide. In addition, the new 3 Department will provide 10 years free BMW interconnection driving basic service, but the official has not yet disclosed the specific basic service items.

Brilliance BMW new 3 series long wheelbase version

The new 3 series long wheelbase version basically extends the design of the new 3 overseas edition. The front face is mainly adjusted for the interior lamp chamber of the headlamp group. It is reported that the domestic models will be equipped with LED headlights. In addition, the car is equipped with luxurious design suit. Compared with the overseas version, the front bumper has added chrome decoration strips, and the visual effect is more qualitative. The official said that the new car will also add four kinds of body colors and various new models of wheel hubs.

Brilliance BMW new 3 series standard wheelbase version

Overseas version of BMW's new 3 line

The BMW 3 series standard wheelbase version is also equipped with BMW M sports kit, including a more dynamic front bumper and a new side skirt assembly. In addition, the new car is equipped with M exclusive logo on the side panel.

Overseas version of the new BMW 3 Series

Interior decoration, brilliance BMW has not yet announced the new interior official map, but we expect that the two versions of the Chinese version will continue the overseas version of the design style, compared with the cash model.

In terms of power, the new 3 series standard wheelbase and the new 3 series long wheelbase will be equipped with the 2.0T engine. So we suspect that the new 320i, 328i and 320Li and 328Li models will be launched in the early stage of the new car, but the specific dynamic parameters have not been released by the authorities. Transmission, matching the engine will still be the 8 speed manual gearbox.

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