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Ningbo LED energy saving transformation street lamp 5083 annual electricity tariff 2 million 600 thousand

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In September 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Administration Bureau of the municipal administration bureau that the energy management project of the road lighting contract in the new Jiangbei new town of Ningbo has been successfully completed. Since the project was started in September 2013, the urban management department has carried out 5083 street lamps with an adult age of more than 5 years to the north of the north outer ring road and to the west of the 329 National Road. LED energy saving technology transformation. At present, the project is in the detection stage of illumination, energy saving and other transformation effects. It is estimated that the energy saving rate of the upgraded lighting facilities can reach 40%.

According to the relevant person in charge of the City Administration Bureau, the new street lighting transformation project in Jiangbei new city adopts the EMC mode of "zero investment" and "zero risk". This mode fully releases the capacity of LED enterprises and promotes the development of LED industry in Ningbo. Create mode.

It is understood that this transformation has many bright spots, such as in the contract energy management (EMC) mode, to participate in the enterprise's self financing, self resolve machinery and personnel, provide quality services throughout.

The implementation of LED transformation for 5083 street lamps has not only reduced the original power of street lamps, but also installed automatic dimming devices on street lamps. It is estimated that electricity consumption can be saved by 2 million 850 thousand degrees per year and electricity saving by 2 million 600 thousand yuan, equivalent to 1026 tons of standard coal per year, 2667 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 24.6 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. At the same time, it can also reduce mercury pollution when traditional energy saving lamps and sodium lamps are abandoned.

It is understood that after the transformation, the initial average illumination of street lamps has not declined. Instead, it requires over 15% of the design standard (above 15%), and the illumination uniformity will reach more than 0.5. It can provide a safe and comfortable urban light environment for people to travel at night. The color temperature is controlled at about 4700K to achieve the effect of warm white light, giving people a comfortable visual sense; improving the level of illumination and uniformity of road lighting, bringing a stable and proper visual environment for the public, especially the majority of vehicle owners, and avoiding the negative effects of uneven illumination, too dim or even too bright.

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