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Oakland will upgrade LED street lights, annual electricity charges over 130 million yuan

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


Oakland, one of the major cities in New Zealand, is expected to upgrade its LED street lights in 5 years (photo: Oakland Transport Bureau)

Oakland transport board began New Zealand's first LED lighting replacement program. Authorities will replace up to 44000 high-pressure sodium lamps (bright yellow lights) with relatively energy-efficient LED lights. Oakland communications administration manages more than 100 thousand branch lights, accounting for about 1/3 of the country's lighting fixtures. Oakland Transportation Secretary Lester Livy (Lester Levy) said that the first phase of the plan is 5 years. That is to say, about half of the street lights in Oakland will be changed from gold to white."

Last year, the Oakland board of Communications approved the plan, and the remaining half of the LED street lights will take about 4 to 5 years to replace. Dr Livy said: "with 20 years of LED lighting, the plan is expected to net 32 million New Zealand dollars (equivalent to about 131 million yuan)."."

The Minister of transport and energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges (Simon Bridges) announced on March that a change of policy, this policy change will allow local authorities to accelerate the replacement of subsidies made LED lights.

Mr Bridges expressed his willingness to accept the change. "This accelerated renewal of the LED street lamp replacement programme ensures that all local councils willing to change have sufficient resources to take steps. I agree with the deep vision of the Oakland Department of transportation, which will be able to take advantage of opportunities and lead change, and the nation will switch to LED lights. LED technology - in the long run, cheaper, safer and more efficient - is a smart choice for communities and new zealand."

The Oakland Transportation Board has just received four four - year contracts for street lighting maintenance and renewal, which is expected to start this month. The changes included the start of the LED lighting replacement program in 2015. The region is divided into 4 different contract areas: the Electrix Ltd, the northern and Western contracts, and the Downer ITS to win contracts in the central and southern provinces. Oakland traffic bureau is currently accepted Northpower Waiheke Island (Waiheke Island) contract. Northpower is an island contractor and has warehouses and resident staff there.

In the first stage, the contract focuses on residential sections, which account for about 40% of the local road lighting network.

Since 2012, the Oakland communications board has planned that all new lighting requirements for pedestrian use will be made with LED lights. Replacing old lamps with LED lights will reduce energy consumption by more than 60%. Oakland Transportation Bureau currently uses approximately 2000 energy-saving LED lamps. The first wave replacement project will replace 1000 lights at Albert and Mon Los Ki (Mount Roskill) immediately. While replacing the new lights, the Tele-management System (TMS) will install monitoring networks for monitoring LED street lights. Thanks to close observation of lighting levels, you can also save 15% to 20% energy consumption. The communications management system will provide enhanced customer service, allowing all errors on the system to be reported on the same day.

The Oakland Transportation Authority has installed LED lights near Eden Park and is also monitored by a communications management system. This measure includes the previous plan, and the lighting level is good both before and after the festival.

According to international experience, white light is also an important factor in crime prevention. White light brings greater comfort and security. Improve driving and pedestrian visibility, reaction time, and reduce the chance of car accidents and casualties.

All these advantages make LED lamps become ideal light sources, and according to the latest research shows that this year, LED lamps accounted for more than half of the world's lighting market. Replacing LED lamps with basic measures is bound to become a policy trend that the global government can not ignore in the future. (compilation / Chinese LED net emmachang)

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