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"One to ten thousand" is not a gimmick. LED light source is widely used.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Geek vision, our life is inseparable from all kinds of light sources, household emergency lights, photo flashing lights and even bicycle lights and so on. Although these lights will not be used frequently, staying at home is always a precaution. But if the light source is needed, I'm afraid the house is already filled with large and small lighting facilities with different shapes.

Now, a LED intelligent integrated light source, which can be called universal, comes out. The LED lamp, called Mstick, is controlled by modular application. Users can choose different types and different states of light according to their needs.

Mstick: 10000 yuan.

Like all intelligent devices, the Mstick can be manipulated by the App. Users can choose different lighting modes through App, so that Mstick can be applied to any occasion and any environment. For example, when you want to ride or run in the evening, this lamp will definitely protect your safety. If you want to make the light source more interesting and interesting, you can choose the "moving light" mode, which can show different lighting modes.

In addition, this lamp also has some other special functions. You can lighten the light to solve emotional panic and insomnia. More intelligent is when it is used as a bicycle lamp, its built-in sensing device can monitor the current movement state. When waiting for a light or stopping at a junction, the lights will turn red, and will start to turn white again when riding.

Mstick: intelligent versatile light source

Let's take a look at the use of this Mstick.

Fun lighting - this lamp can help you when you want to express your love, party needs atmosphere or encounter difficulties in the wild. Users can set up different texts and patterns through the supporting App, so that the original monotonous light source can be changed.

Music effect - what do you always think of when you play music at home? Now with Mstick, everything can be done. You can choose the "music effect" mode, and the lights will blink with the rhythm of the music, and the rhythm will start to be three-dimensional.

Fitness stopwatch - if you want to enjoy the physical and mental relaxation brought by yoga on a quiet night, or when you are not having time to exercise, you can choose the function of "fitness stopwatch". In this way, Mstick can be timed according to the rhythm of the light flickering.

Self timer lamp if you are a self love sister, if you want to record your life anytime and anywhere, but there are limitations such as light and light source, you can choose the "self timer lamp" mode of music effect, so that every picture can be beautifully painted.

Field lighting - this function should be Mstick default. Kitchen Timer - if your kitchen needs a small timer, you can use Mstick to save it.

The R & D team said that various lighting models will continue to be developed in the future, and that Mstick can really reach 10000.

Mstick: smart phones / watches can be manipulated.

In order to facilitate the use, Mstick's R & D team has also developed a matching application of smart watches. Users can achieve simple operation by using smart watches to turn on / off, change modes, and so on. At present, the supporting App supports iPhone 5 and above equipment, Samsung Galaxy S4 and above equipment, Nexus 5 and Bluetooth 4.1.

In appearance, the Mstick is simple, straight line design, easy to carry and extremely versatile. In addition, there are switch buttons with different lights and mode selection buttons on the fuselage. Of course, besides the control buttons on the fuselage, users can also manipulate easily through smart phones and smart watches. More intimate is that at the bottom of the Mstick there are accessories that can be compatible with all kinds of cameras, and there is no pressure to take photos as a source of supplemental light.

Let's talk about accessories for Mstick. This Mstick is equipped with a belt and can be easily used when it needs to be hung. Even Mstick is equipped with connectors, which can be easily connected to other devices for fixed use. More convenient, the Mstick also has a built-in magnet, which can be conveniently placed on any iron component for easy use.

Mstick has three different colors, which are white, green and blue. You can choose different colors according to your personal preference or the environment often used by this LED lamp. The Mstick is built with rechargeable lithium batteries, and standby time ranges from 7 hours to 7 days. Users can charge through the Micro 5pin USB interface.

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