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PHILPS gets Taiwan's first LED bulb CNS certification

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The issue of environmental protection and energy saving is popular, which drives the LED lighting market. The CNS compulsory certification system for LED lighting products of the Ministry of economic inspection of Taiwan was officially launched in July 1st.

A few days ago, PHILPS announced that it had obtained the first batch of "CNS LED CNS certification for ballast" in the Taiwan inspection and Quarantine Bureau in July 3rd. PHILPS pointed out that the general LED bulb lamp has 3 major projects, including electrical safety regulation (CNS15436), performance (CNS15630) and electromagnetic compatibility (CNS14115), which cover the inspection of optical Biosafety (CNS15592) that consumers attach more importance to. Among them, "optical biosafety" is a test and risk specification for the LED light source on human eyes, skin and other biological organs. Blue light is the focus of detection.

In fact, since July 1st, the inspection and Quarantine Bureau has stipulated that all imported and newly produced LED bulbs must be CNS certified before they can be sold on the road. The correctness of packaging information is also monitored.

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