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PHILPS promotes "Piano" series LED home lamps and lanterns

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


China Quality net news, a few days ago, in the Shanghai new beauty Museum, which is full of modern art, PHILPS, the leader of global lighting, launched its most important household lighting product in 2015, PHILPS's "Piano" series LED household luminaires.

The inspiration of PHILPS's "Piano" series LED home lighting comes from the piano keys. Strong contrast between black and white, concise and bright geometric shape, unique adjustable luminous module design, combined with the application of advanced LED lighting technology, perfect combination of art and technology, giving this product extraordinary temperament. The PHILPS piano series consists of four lamps: large ceiling lamp, small ceiling lamp, chandelier and desk lamp.

Deduce simplicity with modern methods

As the leader of global lighting, PHILPS constantly explores the modern home lifestyle and aesthetic trend to meet the diversified lighting needs of the urban population. The study found that a group of mainstream urban people advocate the "modern simplicity" trend of life. They are very intelligent and knowledgeable. They like to be well organized, practical and reliable, and have surprises in detail. They seek for minimalist design to match their home space. The design of PHILPS's Piano Series just caters to such demand.

The shape of PHILPS's piano series is very simple and pure. It embodies the essence of minimalism. It abandons all redundant design elements and uses only strong contrasting black and white colors. Just like the binary code in the digital age, it is immediately given new meaning by arranging. The combination of color and geometry makes a strong contrast and balance beauty, but simple but rich in tension visual effect, and highlights its inner character. Light perception, color temperature, texture, texture and detail reflect PHILPS's ultimate pursuit of products.

Elegance and wisdom of life in black and white

Since sixteenth Century, the four words "not conventional" have won the match of black and white for more than 500 years. At first, European aristocracy prevailed to express nobility with forbearance black and pure white. Today, they are still classic measuring scales, which is the pure eye catching contrast. From the classical solemn and solemn, black and white design works all the way to contemporary concise, smart aesthetics, and always flowing with elegant blood. PHILPS's "Piano" series, with its contrasting black-and-white appearance, gives birth to elegance and individuality, with a simple geometric shape. The product is integrated in the modern architectural space, and the owner's unique taste is vividly displayed.

The inspiration of PHILPS's "Piano" series is not only the imitation of the appearance of piano keys, but also the free sliding of each black and white module, so that the original simple and regular shapes show different shapes in the hands of different users, thus enhancing the sense of design and lighting of the space, revealing the main idea. People's self-confidence and taste. Just like the black and white keys of the piano, under the artist's hand, there is a melodious and beautiful melody.

The black and white field of vision is simple and not simple, not to mention that it has different experiences in everyone's heart. A black and white picture, a frame of black and white picture, in the background of piano music, can always make people forget the world's flashy noise, the heart is quiet and peaceful, just like this new work of PHILPS, in the name of "Piano", with the beauty of "black and white", write a piece of modern life's light and shadow Concerto.

First push online "trial room" to create 3D lighting experience

When many consumers browse or purchase lighting products on the Internet, they often feel that they can not intuitively feel the actual light efficiency of the product and the performance of the product in the living space simply by product pictures or video. With the opportunity of listing the piano series, PHILPS launched the online "test room" for the first time, simulating different life scenes through 3D, and displaying a full range of "Piano" products. Consumers can directly control the change of the shape and lighting of the piano products in every test room, and intuitively feel that these changes and the environment complement each other, which can better help consumers understand the characteristics of products and measure their own needs to make the best choice of purchase. In addition, consumers can make an appointment with the "PHILPS fashion lighting Gallery" in their own city through the "appointment to shop experience" function, and learn more about the products in detail.

Consumers can enter the online test room experience through the "PHILPS home lighting" official WeChat.

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