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Quanzhou sampling LED lamp 80% unqualified security risks exist

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


November 7th, Quanzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce 12315 Command Center released in the third quarter of 2014, the market sampling report. The report shows that the total sampling related LED lamp products 10 batches (Times), found that the product failure rate of up to 80%.

According to reports, the sampling of 10 batches of LED lamps, of which 8 batches of substandard. There are some problems such as unqualified marking, dielectric strength, power, color rendering index, and so on.

It is reported that China's LED enterprises in order to sacrifice the quality of products to seize the market phenomenon is common, resulting in product quality problems and frequency on the black list. According to incomplete statistics, since 2012, the EU non food rapid alert system (RAPEX) Bulletin of China's export of LED lighting products up to hundreds of times, among them, the vast majority is caused by creepage distance or clearance due to insufficient quality problems such as poor insulation performance. Thus, product quality has become an obstacle to the development of foreign markets in the LED industry.

Some industry insiders have pointed out that a company can first board is the product, which is the foundation. To export, it is necessary to make their products in line with the requirements of the other side of the market. With the requirements of the product, in order to talk about other, such as brand.

In the context of international energy saving, LED products in the global market demand will continue to increase. However, the increasingly harsh trade barriers, increasingly fierce competition in the market has become a true portrayal of the current international market, Chinese LED companies to successfully seize the mature markets in Europe and America, the quality of the problem can not be dragged.

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