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Rainstorm and water flooded the city of lamps and lanterns.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Wujin news network news, the heavy rain attack on a number of days, so that Wujin Zou District Lamps City has also turned into a vast territory, the market had to completely shut down.

The town of Zou district is closed now, and the staff told reporters that the city of lights has been closed since last Saturday, and flooded into thousands of shops and shops. So even though it is still raining hard, many business owners have to go into the city of lamps and get some important information in the shop.

Some lamps and lanterns merchants said that they had robbed some items before that, including computer accounts and logistics receipts. However, there were tens of thousands of losses per household.

Lighting City Security told reporters that the heavy rain in June 16th has caused some shops to be flooded, and the market has already done some work ahead of schedule.

It is understood that about 11 households on the first floor of the lantern town were affected, and each merchant invested millions of dollars.

Zou District Lighting City Security: shouting that they can move goods to the two floor first, minimize losses.

In addition to Zou District Lamps City, Guanghui and the two major lamps and lanterns market were also seriously affected. For insurance, if you keep 5 million a year, it's 5000 yuan.

In addition, the basement of the Zou District light trade center is also fully irrigated, resulting in huge losses. Lu Yajian, chairman of the company, also held an emergency meeting at the project site, directing more than 100 staff to rescue and disaster relief. Last night, Zou district government also introduced 4 pumps to support the project.

We may not be able to avoid property damage caused by bad weather, but we can minimize losses by doing preventive work. Just like some businesses will buy accident insurance every year, transferring risk to insurance companies is also a guarantee for themselves.

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