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Replacement of 4884 sets of LED lights monthly electricity tariff 700 thousand

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Huizhou daily news, using LED lights, support enterprise energy saving technology transformation, promote energy saving technology development, motor efficiency improvement work, development of circular economy...... From normal life to the development of the whole region, Dayawan District spare no effort to integrate energy conservation and emission reduction. Last year, the comprehensive energy consumption in the region dropped by 1.16% compared with the same period last year, and the energy consumption per unit GDP decreased by 4.1% compared to the same period last year. This year, the district plans to carry out the energy saving and low-carbon action of ten thousand enterprises, implement the energy efficiency improvement project of the motor, and complete the transformation of the electric energy efficiency of the enterprise to raise 245 thousand kilowatts.

Implementation of 15 street lighting upgrading projects in the first half year

LED lights entered the administrative center of Dayawan District Administrative Committee. "Before using the fluorescent lamp is not good, the old will flicker, also from time to time" squeak...... " The sound of the LED lamp is quiet now, and you see, the lamp is bright enough. " A staff member of the center told reporters that after using the LED light, the eyes were much more comfortable. It is reported that the center changed 4884 sets of LED lamps last year.

Walking in the mangrove Park of Zhongxing Road in Dayawan, the street lights are bright. The street lights on both sides of the road are also energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lamps. "Do not belittle these LED street lamps, and save energy every month. Now our new roads require installation of LED street lamps." District Public Utility Bureau street lamp staff told reporters that last year the district upgraded street lights, 9690 high-pressure sodium lamps were upgraded to LED lights.

"I didn't expect to save so much electricity after changing LED lights!" The staff at the end of the year was surprised and pleased when they made statistics on electricity charges. Compared with 2013, the number of LED lights installed on some roads last year could save electricity by 700 thousand yuan a month. In the first half of this year, there are 15 street lighting upgrading projects.

Nine clean energy production audit of 3000 tons of standard coal enterprises with adult energy consumption

"In 2014, the comprehensive energy consumption in the region dropped by 1.16% compared to the same period last year, and the energy consumption per unit GDP decreased by 4.1% compared with the same period last year, and the annual quota task of energy conservation and consumption reduction was exceeded." Huang Hui, deputy director of the District Committee and district management committee, said that at present, 90% of the 3000 tons of standard coal enterprises in the region have carried out cleaner production audit.

This year, the region will continue to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas. It will continue to carry out energy saving and low-carbon action of thousands of enterprises, implement the energy efficiency improvement project of motor enterprises, complete the transformation of electric energy efficiency of enterprises and upgrade 245 thousand kilowatts, continue to promote the construction of the ten national energy conservation projects and enterprise energy management centers, and organize the promotion of contract energy management mode. We will carry out energy saving transformation demonstration projects, promote emission reduction of key projects, and promote annual emission reduction projects such as Guohua and Zhonghai Shell to carry out emission reduction work, and accelerate the construction of CNOOC's national responsibility project.

At the same time, we should promote the transportation energy conservation, carry out the special measures of energy saving and emission reduction of "vehicle, road, port and port", implement the fuel consumption limits of vehicles, continue to promote the upgrading of oil products, speed up the process of eliminating yellow label cars, and ensure that the yellow label cars and old motor vehicle elimination tasks are fully completed at the end of this year. Build standards, popularize green design, green construction, and widely use energy conservation technologies such as natural ventilation, do well in energy saving reconstruction of existing buildings, promote energy saving in agriculture, vigorously develop ecological agriculture and circular agriculture, and popularize green production technology of green agriculture, which can save fertilizer, save medicine, save water and save energy, and guide farmers to reduce and regenerate profits. The way of agricultural production that is used and resourceful.

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