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Russia's new cross regulation stimulates market demand for LED luminescent products

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Dunhuang network news, a few days ago, Russia announced a new bus regulation. Since July 1st, pedestrians must wear light-emitting devices and reflective devices at night to avoid accidents caused by pedestrians who have not noticed pedestrians. It can be imagined that these luminescent reflective ornaments will definitely be sold in Russia for a time.

How big will the market bring to the new regulation? According to the latest census data in October 2010, the total population of Russia is 142 million 900 thousand. As the "luminescent" products become the necessities of life for Russian nationals, the market demand is expected to be "billion". In fact, in the international market, except for Russia, some Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, because of the relatively dark and long winter, the consumption of luminescent reflective accessories is also very large. These small objects still contain a great market worthy of attention.

According to Zhang Na, the industry manager of Fashion Department of Dunhuang network, these luminescent products are generally new and exotic products. They mainly focus on fashion products such as clothing, jewelry watches, fashion accessories, bags, shoes and boots. After Russia issued the new rules, she collected one of the recent Dunhuang platforms. Some of the most popular luminescent accessories, such as: LED party hat, LED T- shirt, LED mask, LED luminous shoes, LED cosplay, LED bracelet, LED stud, ring, LED watch, night light bag, reflector bag, LED key chain, luminescent hair ornament, hope sellers can pay more attention and seize new business opportunities.

These products are all small objects, trinkets, LED, luminous, reflective and luminous. However, when they are dressed on the body, they will shine or reflect on the road at night. They will not only make the driver's friends pay much attention to them, but also will be cool. Safety first, cool is also essential.

After the release of this new regulation in Russia, the demand of the Russian people for the "luminous" products is bound to increase greatly. Therefore, the Dunhuang network recommends that the seller's friends who have such a source can seize the opportunity to set up logistics for free shipping to Russia, and because Russia has always been a retailer. So when you upload products, you'd better sell them in a single form.

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