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Russian government energy efficiency plan to develop LED lighting market development opportunities

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


The Russian government to promote energy efficiency plan led to LED business opportunities, in 2013 LED in the Russian lighting market growth. The plan aims to improve the energy efficiency of lighting products by 2020, while reducing the energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 40%.

Russian lighting business consultants (Lighting Business Consulting LLC) business partner Sergey Borovkov, in the nineteenth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in the LEDinside interview, according to the current situation, the Russian lighting market prospects are put forward.

Russian lighting business consultant business partner Sergey Borovkov

Russia LED lamps revenue in 2020 to see $3 billion 700 million

LED lighting and light bulbs, the proportion of the Russian lighting market continues to grow. Currently LED lamp product revenue, accounting for about 37% of the total revenue of the general lighting market, $714 million. BorovKov said the estimated LED lighting products accounted for, will grow to 83% in 2020, revenue of about $3 billion 700 million.

At present, commercial lighting is the lighting market than the largest sector accounted for Russia, followed by office lighting and industrial lighting and other fields, these areas have sufficient funds, and there is a certain demand for lighting quality and energy saving, so relatively other areas too big. With the gradual development of the lighting market in the field of intelligent lighting, the controller needs to grow.

However, in addition to halogen alternative lighting, the overall alternative lighting accounted for less, because of its high prices, the government in the procurement of outdoor lighting considerations. Borovkov pointed out that the Russian government procurement of lighting equipment, pay more attention to its price rather than quality. Therefore, at present, the Russian government procurement of outdoor lighting equipment, there are six of the lower price of light bulbs and lamps, etc..

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