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Sapphire + liquid metal apple to create the ultimate iPhone

Time:2018-03-05 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Wei Feng Network reported, now the electronic equipment has been very popular, mobile phone, tablet, personal computer, watches, glasses and headset etc.. Is the common point of these electronic devices, each new generation will add more new features, thus the circuit within the device is also increasing, the available space is less and less.

Some electronic devices will use the cover glass or other hard and transparent elements to protect the screen. Use of the cover glass is the main protective screen, but from the electronic equipment circuit to maximize available space point of view, this is a waste of space covered glass.

And electronic equipment to protect the screen, usually use sapphire or other hard ceramic materials. Because the relationship between the hardness of these materials, cutting, grinding and polishing to cause a lot of difficulties. In order to use the space, come up with apple to improve these materials, in the embedded electronic component method. An Apple patent recently announced it is the United States Patent and trademark office.

Apple says the new screen structure will be able to let the equipment become thinner. After the embedded electronic components such as sapphire, it can become a part of the equipment enclosure; and because the sapphire is transparent, so it is also covered with glass screen.

A similar patent last year, Apple also get the sapphire and the liquid metal fused together, the simple point that makes iPhone such equipment with a sapphire screen, while the body material is liquid metal, the liquid metal and the sapphire screen meet, create the ultimate iPhone.

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