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Sichuan: Zigong city to create "Aladdin lamp with science and technology"

Time:2017-08-07 FONT:bigMinmin


A street lamp lighting in addition to what can be done? In fact, far beyond your imagination. The reporter from August 15th Samsung LED and Zigong signed a strategic lighting ceremony that, LED lighting is currently in the field of lighting the most lively, most advanced, the key technology of LED lighting in the city, can realize remote control, fault warning lamp etc.. The future of the street, function is not only light.

The lamp "self protection" automatic "alarm in case of failure"

"This is a" magical "street, not only light, but it is far beyond your imagination." City lighting experts told reporters that the lamp can actually be intelligent, even self alarm in the event of a failure, the main reason is the use of LED intelligent lighting technology.

It is understood that the use of the technology, can make each street line parameters are automatically entered into the management system, in the event of a failure line will promptly issued a warning, so that the city lighting is always in a controllable range.

As for the LED smart lighting technology, through the power line carrier communication technology and wireless communication technology, remote centralized control and management of street lamp.

The street lamp can adjust the lighting color remote lengnuanzizhi

"You can imagine, the summer heat lamp is automatically adjusted to the blue color, the winter cold is adjusted to warm yellow, different colors have different lighting for the public to enjoy." This is another "stunt" LED lighting, lighting remote control function.

"Zigong will have eight hundred years history, if the traditional culture lamp and intelligent control of modern lighting combination will make Zigong culture more color lamp." The invited China lighting Society Secretary General Dou Linping believes that the use of LED intelligent control technology, Zigong Lantern Festival will also be further developed.

It is reported that the use of LED lighting technology in the street, but also has according to the traffic flow, automatically adjust the brightness of lighting cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, can greatly save power resources, improve public lighting management, save maintenance cost.

Let technology help "city lighting" as the general mobile phone "wisdom"

"We can use the advantages of LED itself, that changed our life, so as to realize intelligent lighting." Dou Linping believes that the future of the city lighting is not only the traditional lighting function, his change, like the traditional mobile phone from the phone function, become powerful now instead of intelligent computer.

It is reported that the Samsung LED lighting company and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will introduce LED technology Samsung advanced lighting equipment, the direct use of LED chip of Samsung Electronics production technology upgrades for their products, and through the influence of the Samsung brand and market channels for market development.

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