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Small bulbs, big energy: suspension, projection, and fragrance.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


People's Daily Overseas Edition, when Edison successfully invented a practical lamp, he may not have thought that over 100 years later, after the creation of human wisdom, a small bulb has so many new tricks.

Recently, a Swedish designer developed a suspended light bulb. As long as the user gently puts it on a wooden lampholder, it will slowly rise and float over the base. Is it full of magic? The bulbs suspended in the air contain wireless power receivers and electromagnets, while in the wooden base there are wireless power transmitters and another electromagnet. This is the key to its suspension. In addition, the pedestal can also charge the mobile phone with a second wireless charging base.

Of course, people are already not satisfied with the use function of products. Beauty is also an important factor for buyers to consider whether to start products. Although the bulb looks different from the ordinary incandescent lamp, the design of the detail is pleasantly surprised. Its wooden base is cut by hand diamond and looks high-end and simple. How do you want to start?

First, don't be busy. Maybe you prefer the fragrance emitting bulb? Imagine that the moment of turning on the lights is full of fragrance, and the air seems to be full of romantic taste. This scene will only appear in the movie? Then you are wrong. A smart light bulb launched by a French company has made this happen.

When the essential oil is poured into the sponge inside the bulb, according to the user's setting, when the fragrance is needed, the mini fan in the bulb will start to rotate and emit essential oil. Its mobile phone applications also allow users to control multiple bulbs at the same time, and set their own flavor and dispersion schedules. In addition, this bulb also has the basic functions of ordinary smart bulbs, such as cell phone control, lighting time and intensity. Moreover, it can also play music, and the lights will change with music. Pick up your cell phone, set the fragrance, put on a piece of music, and enjoy the life full of sentiments.

Can bulbs be used as projectors? Yes, you didn't read it wrong. Recently, several small partners from the United States have designed such a "do not work" bulb. The most powerful function of this bulb is not only to turn it into the lamp slot to pick up electricity, or to directly use the built-in power cord to connect the power supply, but it can also project the content that needs to be shared on the phone or tablet computer anytime and anywhere. In short, it is an intelligent projector. Users can cast the game interface onto the table, play games with their partners, or lie on the bed to see the movie projected on the wall. It feels great to think about it.

As an indispensable part of life, how can creative smart people let go of it? It can be suspended, fragrant, can be projected, and small bulbs are also transformed.

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