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Solar street lights illuminate Nepal earthquake disaster area

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


In the event of a major earthquake in Nepal, solar street lamps, except for a small part of the damage, most of them can work

Red net news, May 10th, Nepal and 4 aftershocks occurred, but Kathmandu shops, restaurants and other businesses are gradually restored. Early in May 11th, Deng Zhibo habitually picked up the phone to understand the latest developments in nepal.

Deng Zhibo is Chinese electric power construction group, China Survey and Design Research Institute Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Central Hospital) Nepal solar streetlight project manager, more than two years ago of the Nepal solar street lighting project, as the project manager after he would often appear in the high streets and back lanes in Kathmandu.

"In the afternoon of April 25th, an earthquake happened in Nepal, fortunately, I was back in April 21st and returned home. Deng Zhibo recalled that the day of the earthquake, including the company leaders in the possession of nearly 50 calls, are asking their personal safety.

And let the people of Deng Zhibo and was relieved in the 8.1 earthquake in Nepal, Central Institute of solar streetlight installed in addition to a small part of the damaged, most of them can work normally, bringing a light to the people of Kathmandu after the earthquake.

"A few days ago, Nepal Electricity Authority officials gave us an e-mail request us in the end, the communication path of aftershocks, the basic recovery situation, will send technical personnel to a small part of the damaged solar streetlight maintenance. Wang Dayu, director of the Central South Water Transfer Project Manager said that in recent days, the company leaders and staff are always concerned about the latest developments in Nepal, as long as the conditions permit, they will send technical personnel to nepal.

As the center of the first overseas solar street lamps general contracting project, in May 2012 after receiving the relevant information of the project, the establishment of the central and southern hospital tender group, timely study of the tender documents. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the project bidding documents, the central and southern hospital actively seeking cooperation with domestic manufacturers with relevant qualifications and the formation of a consortium to participate in the project bidding.

Wang Dayu, was involved in the project bidding companies up to 10, after fierce competition, Zhongnan Hospital with excellent technical solution and offer better judges will be favored to win the project, after various efforts, won the bid. The solar street lighting project funding for the Asian Development Bank loan project site for the five urban areas of Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu, including more than and 800 sets of solar streetlight equipment supply, installation and commissioning work.

Under such a large earthquake, why solar street lamps can stand? Wang Dayu explained that in addition to the solid material, the installation of a solid foundation of the street lamp also played a crucial role. The foundation of each street lamp has been dug 1.5 wide, 1.5 meters deep, surrounded by cement will be firmly fixed. In addition to the 20 sets of lights installed in the temple walls on the road damage, the rest of the street lamps are mostly intact, still normal power supply.

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