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South Africa World Cup HD LED display technology

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


In the just concluded World Cup in South Africa, most of us can see the audience through television, Saikuang clear the scene, and the scene to South Africa fans, there are a large part, is the LED display in South Africa in the pitch saw slow shot. The South African stadium in the LED display, including a lot of high-quality LED technology.

We by referring to the display technology, a large number of LED that the display has some high precision technology, from the display color, we can see the very intuitive, from the display pixel, we obviously can be compared and LED display we usually see, he does not like we usually see outdoor large screen advertising, display the characters face, body, are small particles, and this, the display is very full, very high quality facial skin. In this world cup, also did not find the presence of black spots, indicating that the current LED technology, can greatly reduce the service life of LED lamps.

Now whether domestic or international, are advocating environmental protection and energy saving equipment.