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Speed up the layout of sports Lehman Dong Ting football club into the field of vision

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Shenzhen news network recently, the football club has attracted widespread attention and has been rated as the most potential Club of non professional football league. Shenzhen everyone football club has attracted the public's attention.

It is understood that the Shenzhen all football club was invested by Li Mantie, the actual controller of Lehman photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc in Shenzhen, and was registered in Shenzhen. The famous football professional manager is also the Li Hongzhi football player who has the longest term in history. In June 25, 2015, the club won the twenty-ninth Amateur Football League a title in Shenzhen in 2015, and then invited Zhang Jun as the head coach of the Shenzhen team. He led the team to the Premier League football coach of the Chinese Super League, and led the team to attack the National Amateur League.

At the same time, Shenzhen everyone's football club will also become an important part of Lehman photoelectric's overall strategic layout for building the football industry chain. Shenzhen football club will continue to focus on football culture, youth football, players' brokers and other deep tillage. Combined with Lehman Kai Hing sports culture acquisition fund, we will accelerate the layout of sports industry and promote Lehman industry integration. Lehman optoelectronics will continue to try and innovate business models in the future, and use the Internet thinking to develop sports industry.

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