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Taiwan Tainan Da Fang Guangming invested 147 million LED street lamp

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Tainan, Taiwan, is building a low-carbon city, striving for a subsidy from the Taiwan government. It will invest NT $more than 700 million 5 thousand NT (about 146 million yuan) to replace the city's about 100000 LED street lamps. Now it has completed its technical services. It is expected that the tender will be online before the end of December, and will start next March, and will be completed by the end of next year.

The Works Bureau said that there were about 29 thousand and 659 mercury lamps 250W and 29 thousand and 659 (101 thousand and 425) in the 37 districts of South City in June. In June this year, it was approved by the Energy Ministry of the Ministry of economic affairs, replacing the mercury lamp in the urban areas with light decay, electricity consumption and pollution problems. The provincial electricity tariff is about 100 million yuan, which can reduce about 45 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and about 140 carbon emissions in Tainan parks.

In 2013, the Works Bureau applied to the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs to replace 52 thousand and 189 mercury streetlights in the 37 districts of the city as LED street lamps, and continue to replace mercury lamps that had not been updated in 2016.

The Works Bureau said that in the face of the global energy crisis and the greenhouse effect challenge, the test of the future climate change will be more and more severe. Everyone should have responsibility for energy saving and carbon reduction. He also hopes that after the LED street lamp is replaced, the city will become a truly "low-carbon City".

The LED street lamp replacement project is estimated to be NT $756 million 845 thousand (about 147 million 600 thousand yuan). The technical service has been completed, and it is expected to go online before the end of December 2015. It will start in March 2016 and be completed by the end of 2016.

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