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The LED lights are red, and the nail Market is shining.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Many women love to transform their nails. Japan recently launched a new nail art, beautiful nail stickers, put a mini LED light inside, nail fingernails as long as the induction of electromagnetic waves around, it will automatically shine. The design that makes the nail flash and glowing attracts everyone's attention.

Women who love beauty not only attach importance to their outer clothing, but also have beautiful nails. They should not be careless. They stick their fingernails firmly on their nails. They seem to be ordinary. In fact, there are hidden secrets in the inside. Their hands are near the cell phone, and their fingernails flash at once. When you put it in your nail stick, whether you are using your cell phone or through a magnetic card sensor, as long as you can sense the radio waves, the LED lights in your fingernails are gleaming. The new and interesting design has successfully captured the hearts of female consumers.

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