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The US has turned over! Light can be used like this.

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A century ago, PHILPS lit the Eindhoven night in the city of Holland, thus opening up a new era of lighting design. After a hundred years, Dennis Parren and two other young people in Holland also set up a design studio called Dennis Parren. They use mysterious colors and unique lines to present a dreamy light and shadow world.

Lighthouse at the music festival

This year in Holland's Summer Music Festival, lowlands, there is a very high tower. This is the outdoor lighting sculpture created exclusively by Dennis Parren studio for the music festival. The appearance of the 18 meter high lighthouse is like a scaffold with 80 triangular banners. It is fixed with 250 meter steel wire cable and 1000 meter strap. In the tower, a LED device that can move up and down is installed, so that the light in the tower will change gradually with the movement of LED. The atmosphere of Music Festival was fully set off.

Appearance of Lighthouse

Building model

Gradient of light

Light can be white or color. It can be reflected or projected. In this device, white polystyrene foam is arranged together according to certain rules. Through the red, green and blue lighting, a brilliant color transformation has been formed.

Reflection of light

Similar to "gradient", the designer once again created the dreamy light and color with light and shadow.

In addition to the large lighting installations, Dennis Parren studio has also designed many amazing lamps and lanterns.

CMYK: the secret of colorful rhymes

CMYK is the letter abbreviation of 4 kinds of printing ink names: C. cyan M. magenta Y. yellow K. black. With the increasing development of LED today, the designer has created this luminaire called CMYK. It has the advantages of low power consumption and strong optical efficiency. And the shape of lamps and lanterns is even more subversion of the past design. Different angles can show different colors.

In addition to chandeliers, the same type of products also have table lamps and wall lamps.

CMYK bulb

The color shadow fascinates people. When the ordinary bulbs add 4 colored LED lights, they will create a beautiful atmosphere.

In addition, Dennis Parren studio also designed some LED lampshades.


With the use of CMYK bulbs, it can scatter colorful light around the room, making the lighting shine like diamonds.


The lampshade itself can rotate uniformly at a constant speed, and it can also project the lamp into the interior of the room. The smooth lines of the lampshade seem to bring people into the vastness of the universe.

Not just the Dennis Parren studio in Holland. With the continuous improvement of technology, more and more lamps and lanterns are amazing at our night time.

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