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The export quota system was cancelled and the price of LED phosphors dropped sharply

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


Chinese net Jiangsu channel, according to the Changshu entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of statistics, the 1 quarter of 2015 Changshu export LED phosphors 2816 kilograms, the amount of $1 million 870 thousand and 300, the weight of exports grew by 6%, while the export amount has dropped by 27.6%, showed a significant increase in volume and price down phenomenon. The 1 quarter of 2015, Changshu area exports LED fluorescent powder of two varieties, namely LED green phosphors and LED yellow phosphor, the green phosphor LED is 1716 kg weight of $1 million 696 thousand and 900, exports grew 18.6%, exports fell by 16.1%; yellow LED phosphor is 1100 kg weight, export $173 thousand and 400 an amount decreased by 9% and 69%. In the 1 quarter of 2015, the export of LED phosphors from Changshu mainly exported to China, Hongkong and the United States, accounting for 53.7% and 43% respectively of the total amount (by weight).

In the 1 quarter of 2015, the price of LED phosphors for export in Changshu was down sharply compared with the same period, and the average unit price of green LED phosphor and yellow LED phosphor dropped by 29.3% and 65.8% respectively. The main reason for the sharp drop in prices, one is to cancel the export quota system for the export of LED phosphor, two LED fluorescent powder belongs to the deep processing of products, to encourage export countries, improve the export tax rebate to improve the export competitiveness of LED phosphor.

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