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The fundraising has reached 965 thousand and 700 3D. How many LED lamps are there?

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


LED lamps use the principle of error to play the possibility of indoor lighting to add interest to space.

In 2014, Cheha, a design studio from Israel, launched the first generation of interesting Bulbing LED lamps on the crowd raising platform Kickstarter, and raised funds in just three days. This year, they are bringing 3 new styles, hoping to reproduce their successful experience again, hoping to raise 15000 pounds (equivalent to about 146 thousand and 100 yuan) on Kickstarter.

A layer of 0.3-0.5 cm thick acrylic board makes the whole lamp look like a 3D stereoscopic picture.

The first generation of Bulbing contains several different styles. Using the concept of 3D stereoscopic drawing, engraving lines on the acrylic plane and loading LED lamps. When you turn on the lights, you will mistakenly believe that a stereo lamp is in front of you.

Because acrylic transmittance is superior to glass and plastics, the second generation of Bulbing continues to use acrylic material, and engraved on the acrylic board laser engraved with meticulously designed and three-dimensional effect, so that 2D's light appears to have 3D silhouette. The new generation of Bulbing pays tribute to the traditional lamps. 3 retro style lamps not only illuminate the space, but also reflect on the old days.

Bulbing lines out on acrylic sheets, creating a three-dimensional effect.


The life of the LED lamp is longer than that of the traditional lamps such as fluorescent lamps, and it can bring mild warmth to the space. The new generation of Bulbing design team Cheha says it can be used as a reading light and has dimming function. But Xiaobian found that the light that Bulbing irradiated actually reflected the lines, and whether the lighting suitable for reading was different from person to person. But then again, Bulbing is still suitable for the store, home and even the hotel atmosphere.

It seems that Bulbing has once again successfully raised the required funds, and has successfully raised 965 thousand and 700 yuan, and the number is still rising.

Is it heartbeat? There's still 5 days to go before the fundraising deadline. We can go to Bulbing's Kickstarter to support these outstanding designers.

The story is not over yet. Shortly after Bulbing launched the first generation of lamps, another company successfully produced similar lamps and lanterns.

CNHIDEE LED 3D lights use the habit of human brain to image, and also create 3D effect on 2D plane. Using the technology of 3D wireframe, engraved the interesting picture on the plane, successfully opened everyone's eyes and brain a joke.

The CNHIDEE LED 3D lamp uses SMD 2835 LED chip, and can choose different colors: warm white light (2700K), Leng Baiguang (6500K), red, blue and green. Although the lifetime of LED in laboratory tests is as long as 50000 hours, the lifetime of LED is affected by various factors, including heat dissipation and actuator stability. Unlike Bulbing, this lamp uses a more stable USB power cord. Compared with LED lamps using AC power lines, a special LED driver is required.

This series of luminaires also built a touch panel, allowing users to adjust the lighting between 0-100% according to the brightness of the demand. (compile / China LED net Emmachang)

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