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The long Sha night market is equipped with LED lighting for energy saving and beauty.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Northeast China network, from 100 to 200 watts of large bulbs before lighting to 10 watts of energy-saving lamps now, from the original 40, 50 watts of incandescent lamp to the LED lamp that can now be lit with 12 volt small batteries. The long Sha night market in Qigihar, Heilongjiang, is the first choice for Hecheng residents after the meal. It is still noisy and exciting, but now it is more green, energy saving and emission reduction.

Every evening, the long Sha night market on Guangfu street and park road is lively. The owner, Huang He, runs a clothing stand in the long Sha night market. After 7 o'clock every day, he takes out the energy saving lamp and connects with the power supply lighting. Now that summer is getting dark, the administrator of the long Sha night market asks the businesses to get electricity when it is dark, and the lights are uniformly changed into energy-saving lamps. Huang crane told reporters that the regulation of the night market is very responsive, because the use of energy-saving lamps is not only better than the brightness of the original bulb, but also. Electricity saving is economical and energy saving.

In the long Sha night market, there are not only a variety of small commodities, but also delicious and alluring snacks. A clean and neat snack car, with LED lamps lining the advertising curtain of inkjet pictures, is especially bright and eye-catching. Every business item is clearer and clearer under the light. Li Chunxi, manager of the city's early morning and evening market, and manager of the Northeast Agricultural and sideline products integrated market Co., Ltd., told reporters that the original snack booth was illuminated by incandescent long tube lamps. This year, the company took out more than 20 million for the night market operation of food and snacks business stalls, cars, lighting facilities and other equipment for transformation, of which all lighting equipment unified into LED lights, this kind of lamp is very power saving, only 10 watts, or even without electricity, with a 12 volt small battery can use 4, 5 hours. In the past years, the incandescent lamps used in the light boxes that had not been reformed were over ten watts, with a difference of ten times. This transformation not only achieves energy saving and emission reduction, but also makes the night market more beautiful, safe and standardized. At present, nearly 200 households have been renovated, and the rest will be renovated this year.

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