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To reduce safety risks, LED street lamps are everywhere popular.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


China Jiangsu network reported that street lights are related to urban beautification and resident trips. In March 26th, the reporter learned from the street lamp management office that this year, the Backstreet lights in Hailing District will be covered. At the same time, street lighting will be rebuilt in 57 districts this year. Some of the main road lights will also be replaced.

Backstreet street lights all over the year.

In the backstreets and alleys of cities, the elderly residents are more. If there are no streetlights, it is not convenient for the elderly to travel, but there are also great security risks.

There is a small alley opposite the east entrance street in the East Castle street, although there is no name, but nearby residents need to go through this alley. Last year, after receiving the residents' reflection, the city street lamp management office immediately arranged for personnel to investigate at the scene, and installed street lamps in time.

Ten Sheng street in downtown area, which is commonly known as "spicy hot Street" in Taizhou, although there are streetlights, but the lighting effect is not good. Recently, the street lamp Department has reformed the street lamps which are not bright enough and seriously rusted. Meanwhile, some street lamps have been added.

Chen Yan, director of the street lamp management office, said that in recent years, they have been upgrading the street lamps in the back streets of the main city every year. The coverage rate has reached 80%.

Chen Yan said that in the main urban areas, if the residents found scattered Black Lantern areas, they could be reflected to them. They would be investigated in the field within three days. If they met the installation conditions, they would immediately solve them.

Transformation of 57 residential street lamps

In some urban districts, the existing street lamps are very rusty, and some street lamps are not bright. This year, Hailin district will have 57 residential street lamps for transformation.

It is understood that residential street lighting transformation since the Spring Festival started, so far, 30 communities completed the transformation of street lamps, the original rusty street lights changed to LED street lights, street lighting is also more innovative.

It is understood that the LED lamp energy saving effect is remarkable, at the same time, there is no light diffusing and high illumination efficiency. In addition, compared with traditional street lamps, the maintenance cost of LED street lamps is very low.

Chen Yan said that when their staff inspected the street lamps in the District, they found that some of the residential areas had moved the streetlight line without permission because of road reconstruction or other projects.

He reminded that from the point of ensuring the normal operation and safety of street lamps, the street lamp line should be notified to the street lamp management department and could not be transferred without authorization.

Some main roads change street lamps.

This year, the street lamp department will also transform some street lights on some main roads.

It is understood that the normal design life of street lamps is 10 years, but in the old urban areas, some street lights have been "extended service", and some have reached over 15 years.

On chunglan road in the city, 25 nights later, the reporters drove through the fast lane, and the cars coming from the opposite side of the road glared. On the slow lane and sidewalk, illumination is also not enough, especially at some intersections.

It is understood that Chunlan road lamp was built in 2000 or so. After 15 years of operation, the lamps and lanterns along the line are seriously corroded and aged. Especially, the aluminum plates in the lamps that reflect the light are coated with a thick layer of black ash due to oxidation, which affects the illuminance of the lamp source.

This year, Chunlan road from Yingbin Road to Donghe sunshine section, Yingbin Road from Chunhui road to Dongfeng Road has been included in this year's street lighting transformation plan. All high-performance LED lights will be used. Besides, riverside green square will also carry out street lighting transformation this year.

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