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Traffic information can be seen at the bus station LED screen.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In April 1st, the Chinese business reporter contacted the Hanzhoung bus company operation section. According to the briefing, there are only 3 buses near castra near the power supply road. They used to be temporary parking points. Recently, a waiting box has been built. However, the LED screen has not yet been put into operation.

On the morning of April 6th, at the gate of Cassidy A and east of power supply road in Hantai District, the Chinese Business Daily reporter saw 4 new public transport shelters. The LED screen at the top was not yet open. Mr. Chen, who was waiting for the bus, introduced only 3 buses. He used to have only temporary stops, and recently built a waiting kiosk for some days, and learned that LED The screen can also show the arrival of vehicles. Mr. Chen commended: "very advanced and convenient."

The LED screen is not yet in use. Everything is ready now.

On April 6th, 9 hours ago, the staff of the Hanzhoung urban management comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau's establishment Office introduced that the urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau invested two sets of new public transport shelters near castra in March, with a LED display, which can show the arrival of vehicles, such as the number of kilometers needed to reach the station and the time of arrival. There will be some advertising slogans. "The new two groups will be a pilot project. If the response is good, they will install LED screens for other waiting kiosks later."

For the reason why the LED screen has not yet been put into use, the staff of the construction team directly responded to it. At present, the main reason is that it has not yet been energized, so it can not be used for the time being, and the Hanzhoung street lamp management office is responsible for the power supply problem. At 10 a.m. on the same day, the staff of the Hanzhoung street lamp management office replied that the street lighting and other electrical connections near the section of castra had not yet been put into the management office. "There is still a road to repair, and the wires have been broken up. They have not been repaired. When the wires and roads are repaired, the road will be classified as the Management Office of the street lamp administration. The section is energized. "

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