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Transformation and upgrading of the domestic LED industry focused on the four major problems"

Time:2017-04-01 FONT:bigMinmin


Under the national policy of local subsidies "booster", all lighting companies began to "sword", LED lighting products, channel war to pull off. In the face of government carried out like a raging fire LED lighting industry, lighting enterprises in LED lighting industry and traditional lighting companies in transition, through development, encounter cold, heat price cuts, how to adjust their own goals and strategic positioning of products, inquiry still face four major problems.

First, the pain of the transformation of traditional lighting companies

In the face of "national and local government make snap" promotion and popularity of LED lighting, LED lamps were praised, consumers in the face of new things, dare to accept the situation. Traditional lighting companies in the contradiction in advance, both want to seize the initiative, but also need to rely on traditional lighting business as a support. The traditional lighting company NVC is an example of a difficult transition, experienced senior unrest, bottom strike, channel division, now is still in the running in period, although the three executives agreed together to force in the development of LED lighting, but a long way to will search. Therefore, the traditional lighting companies how to balance the traditional lighting and LED "to defend and attack", seize market opportunities, how to better play to the advantages of the channel for the success of the LED transformation, the traditional lighting companies still need to ponder the problem of.

Two, LED lighting products homogenization of war

LED lighting has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection and low carbon life long effect, mainly it can achieve better intelligent control intelligent lighting system, induction dimming technology, there could be a re design of luminaire etc.. However, the lack of innovation in LED lighting products and traditional lighting products, lighting design homogeneity, consumers do not understand the difference between the light source, in the face of the same lamps, of course, more inclined to the original consumer habits. Lighting products LED lighting products to lighting enterprises homogenization of the market segments for how to create a unique lighting enterprise innovation rule.

Three, price war

Chip technology, raw materials such as overcapacity caused by the price of LED lighting products industry development trend, but there are many fish in troubled waters on the market business, shoddy, fake and shoddy behavior under the banner of "low LED" under the banner of "trying to buy a dog", hurt consumers, also caused the industry of unfair competition. So the price war is bound to hit consumer confidence in emerging things, lighting enterprises how to reshape consumer confidence, create a cost-effective products, how to carry out the promotion and channel activities is still lighting business highlights.

Four, quality problems

In September, Guangdong Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a sampling of LED lighting products, officercarries self ballasted LED lamp products, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Dongguan and other 7 cities and 21 enterprises, a total of 23 batches, 17 batches of unqualified, the qualified rate of less than 30%. Even some of the more well-known brands have failed products. Although LED lighting has a long life, good light effect and other characteristics, but it is necessary to have a good raw materials and packaging technology based on. Whether the quality problem once again ask the enterprise research and development technology, packaging technology, cooling technology made products to meet the product requirements described.