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U.S. energy department (DOE) will suspend the L awards, LED PAR38 lamp project rating

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


The U.S. Department of energy (DOE) recently announced the suspension of a better tomorrow lighting Award (L Award) project is intended as a substitute for LED PAR 38 halogen bulb lamp selection, this is the second time to suspend PAR 38 lamp selection, according to the Department of energy is introduced because of the recent products do not meet the requirements of function. For the L award, the DOE has modified some of its requirements, but the efficacy requirements for 123 lumens / watts, DOE said, are based on the requirements of the United States Congress, and can not be modified.

The L award aims to extend the solid state lighting technology to lead the SSL to achieve higher energy efficiency. PHILPS lighting in 2011 has won 90 lumens / W performance requirements, it is speculated that the directional nature of PAR 38 lamps, relative to the omnidirectional A- lights, should enable manufacturers to make more efficient products.

The US Department of energy's first moratorium on the PAR 38 competition was in 2011, saying it was not suited to competition. In 2012, the competition was re introduced, requiring a reduction in the number of sample lamps and a reduction in the tolerances required for light output. Then, in August of last year, the L award extended the maximum allowable beam pattern of the project from 12 to 15 degrees. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the mandate mandated by the U.S. Congress has remained unchanged, and no company has hinted at an intention to enter the PAR 38 competition. The US Department of energy reported that the PAR 38 lights listed on the market were far from being effective. In fact, the best products on the market have reached only 90 lumens per watt, which has prompted the Ministry of energy to reassess the competition requirements.

The US Department of energy said it would consider re starting the PAR 38 competition in the future. In addition, the Congressional bill would allocate $5 million to the company that won the PAR 38 L award. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to sell orders to the United States government for large winning lights.

Looking back, it is not clear how PHILPS lighting L prize from an A- lamp, how to obtain profits beyond the $10 million bonus. Of course, PHILPS is the leader in the transformation of LED lamp market, but won the L prize for the design of lighting in the market reaction is, although the L prize A- lamp is an excellent product, a heat sink and high unit cost obviously remote phosphor appearance, but it did not succeed in the market.

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