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Unbearable LED market competition pressure, a factory stops backlight packaging production

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The company of Taiwan Xing Qi company today held a major message that the resolution of the board of directors of the company stopped the production of the backlight packaging plant. Zheng Yiqing, a spokesman for Lian Lian, said that due to the excessive competition in the LED backlight market, the operation and profitability of the company declined year by year. Therefore, the production line of the backlight packaging line was decided to stop production and replaced by the outsourcing agent. The company will be in the direction of transformation and development, and the direction of transformation is to be resolved by the board of directors.

Zheng Yiqing said that the backlight package will not be compatible with the production efficiency under the excessive competition and the rapid price decline. The battalion will stop the production of the backlight packaging production line by the end of this month, and the related products will be manufactured on the outsourcing outsourcing mode. The company will adjust product transformation to consolidate existing lighting customers and strengthen the supply chain operation of foundries. Because the battalion has LED design technology, it will make product transformation based on existing niche advantages.

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