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Upgrading of road lighting in some sections of Binzhou

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Binzhou Daily reported that in order to improve the quality and safety of urban road lighting, from June 7th to July 6th, Shandong Binzhou Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau of light will continue to Bohai the Yellow River ten road two road eight road to the Yellow River Road, the Yellow River Road four Xinli River Road to sixteen Bohai Road, the Yellow River Bohai eleven road sixteen road to Bohai eighteen road to carry out road lighting reform.

The contents of the reform include: removing the original street lamp post to remove the rust paint, replacing the lamp, laying the cable and so on. In addition, the street early in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance cycle of street lamps, seven the Yellow River road Xinli River West Road to Bohai eighteen road sections of the serious corrosion of street lamps of rust paint and other related maintenance.

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