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Vietnam's exclusion from China, LED companies in China, Japan and South Korea are affected.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Vietnam's Chinese Exclusion campaign is continuing to ferment. According to Agence France-Presse, more than a dozen Chinese factories have been ignited. As of May 14th afternoon, Vietnamese police have arrested 500 Anti China riots.

Since the end of last century, Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises such as TCL, Mei, SUPOR, Haier and so on have invested and built factories in Vietnam. But at present, apart from the US, whether other enterprises and their Chinese employees are robbed remains to be verified.

In May 13th, the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam again reminded the Chinese enterprises and personnel in Vietnam to do a good job in security precautions and minimize unnecessary outings. The former Chinese staff said he and more than 100 company colleagues had been in the Hu Zhiming hotel under the protection of riot police car at 6 p.m. on the afternoon of 13, temporarily safe.

On May 14th, foreign minister Wang Yi urged the Vietnamese side to calm down and respect China's sovereignty and jurisdiction, and do not attempt to further complicate and expand the situation. In the afternoon, according to some feedback from Chinese netizens, the situation has stabilized slightly.

Personal safety is most important in the event of beating and burning, and the impact on household appliances and other industries will persist for a long time after the event. Vietnam has a small population base and weak infrastructure, and the overall capacity of the household electrical appliance market is limited. However, with the rise of labor costs in China, Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam have gradually become the new fertile ground for home appliance production base. In this incident, the home appliance R & D and production base of these countries will be affected for a long time.

Overview of LED investment in Vietnam:

Chinese Enterprises:

TCL group: TCL (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is located in Hu Zhiming, Vietnam. In 1999, TCL officially entered the Vietnam market and invested in the construction of color TV factory in Vietnam. In 2009, TCL built a factory in southern Vietnam's Nai province.

Mei Group: in January 2007, the small household electrical appliance production base in Hu Zhiming, Vietnam, was put into operation, with a base investment of 25 million US dollars, with an annual production capacity of 5 million -800 10000 small household electrical appliances.

Korean Enterprises:

Samsung Electronics: in March 2013, Samsung Electronics invested 2 billion US dollars to build production base in Taiyuan, northern Vietnam. The base will be used in the production of mobile phones, digital cameras and notebook computers. The design capacity is about 10 million pieces per month and has been put into use.

LG Electronics: in October 1996, Vietnam LG Electronics was put into operation. In February 2013, LG plans to invest 300 million US dollars in Haiphong City, Vietnam, and build a 400 thousand square meter large factory for home appliances before 2020. The factory is expected to become the largest overseas factory of LG electronics.

Japanese Enterprises:

Panasonic: from 1996 onwards, Matsushita invested $8 million to establish a joint venture in Vietnam, invested 23 million US dollars to build a home appliance production base, invested 76 million 400 thousand US dollars to build automatic data processor, office equipment and communication products production base; in 2007, Panasonic invested 500 thousand US dollars to set up R & D center in Vietnam south river; in 2008, 6 In June, a LCD TV assembly plant was set up in Vietnam. In 2011, it invested 25 billion yen to build washing machines, refrigerators and smart phone substrate production base.

Sharp Co: in July 2009, SHARP electronic Vietnam Co., Ltd. officially opened its business. Its headquarters is in Hu Zhiming, with a registered capital of US $6 million, which is responsible for the sale of TV, white goods and other products.

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