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ViewSonic push LED dual light projector and commercial touch screen program

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


In the 2012 United States ViewSonic visual display technology and Equipment Exhibition (InfoComm), display the full range of commercial large size touch screen, equipped with the latest laser projector and LED dual light source engine design, and display a variety of digital display technology and the perspective of ultra-thin design solutions. ViewSonic innovative professional product lineup, driven by the new evolution of business audio-visual applications.

ViewSonic DTV director Gene Ornstead stressed that the business sector, through the new touch screen display technology, which can effectively help customers to attract consumers into the sales situation, strengthen the selling effect, ViewSonic interactive screen solutions with different sizes to choose the device and price, will meet the customer needs the effective transmission of advertising messages.

To display projector model, ViewSonic projector product manager Roger Chien pointed out that, different from the traditional projector bulb by projecting the image, Pro9000 home theater projector screen lighting design of the exhibition, equipped with the latest Laser Hybrid LED light source technology, users can not only save the cost of wastage bulb can experience more precise, high-definition projection with the ultra high performance comparison. In addition, ViewSonic pioneered Full HD 1080p commercial projector species Pro8300, in order to close the people with high price projection specifications, but also widely used in various commercial markets.

The full range of commercial touch screen ViewSonic display in the InfoComm 2012, 42, 46 and 65 dimensions covering three different sizes, not only can support two kinds of vertical and horizontal installation, but also equipped with optical touch interactive technology. Commercial touch screen is suitable for a variety of applications, such as tourist map index, transportation information, retail store shopping information and other public places, etc..

In the panel specifications, the use of Full HD 1920x 1080 resolution, with 20000:1 dynamic contrast with the response rate of 8 milliseconds, to ensure that the image is accurate without distortion. Expand the interface to support the IntEL open and easy to plug OPS (Open Pluggable Specification), convenient for customers to use the context of the media processing capabilities, providing flexibility and convenience of construction.

For applications such as shopping malls and exhibition market equipped with interactive perspective display technology 32 display, dual point touch control function, through the transparent displays, customers can not only see the direct selling of goods, in a transparent displays on the instant that the full product sales information, the comprehensive reform of traditional products, such as automatic a vending machine, art exhibition, transportation and other display situation etc. are all widely used.

The latest Laser Hybrid LED Pro9000 with laser projector, dual light source engine design with the latest LED, can display color cast a vivid and rich, and the development of the color spectrum beyond the conventional mercury lamp projector, and provide long acting life for more than 20000 hours, and support the complete analog and digital connection interface, the user can easy for the projector and other DVD video player installation experience, high quality projection family feast.