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Wenzhou plans to promote 500 thousand LED lights in 3 years

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Wenzhou Metropolis Daily reported that the Wenzhou municipal government recently issued a notice, decided to use 3 years, in the city to promote more than 500 thousand LED lighting products, to achieve annual energy saving of about 50 thousand tons of standard coal.

The release of the "Wenzhou city to promote the application of semiconductor lighting products plan" clearly, to 2017, two city and county levels of government administrative center completed LED lighting transformation; the use of fiscal funds of the state organs, institutions and organizations and other public institutions indoor LED lighting transformation rate reached more than 80%; the outdoor public areas, road LED tunnel lighting transformation rate reached more than 60%.

In the promotion model, encourage the use of contract energy management (EMC) mode of operation, the implementation of LED lighting energy-saving renovation project. The model refers to the use of energy units without investment, energy services companies to invest in the transformation or upgrading of equipment, in order to save energy costs (such as electricity) to recover the full cost of project investment, profits.

Promotion of LED lighting products, financial, tax incentives, preferential policies support. According to the relevant regulations, to meet the conditions of the LED lighting energy-saving projects according to the annual energy saving financial incentives. For energy-saving service companies to implement LED lighting contracts, energy management projects, in line with relevant regulations, enjoy the appropriate tax benefits.

In addition, under the premise of meet the technical standards, the new construction and renovation of city roads and financial funds to support the new (modified) construction of public institutions will be implemented LED indoor lighting products; new (changed) to build the industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings, where conditions permit, in principle, should make use of LED lighting products.

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