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What? LED coat can also DIY?

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Lei Feng has heard of summer in Shenzhen. But it is undeniable that winter is getting closer and closer to us and needs clothes. Is there anything we can do to make us wear the ball, but still keep it full? Making a luminous LED lighting coat seems nice. It can not only become the brightest star in the night sky, but also keep warm.

The coat used for modification is better than the old one. The coat should be turned over to hide the purse, because the pocket in the back should be packed with batteries. In order to avoid the absorption of light source by dark colored fabric, an aluminum reflective material is used to sew into the coat.

The LED lamp in this tutorial uses 27 light strings. Each string has 20 LED bulbs. The color is water blue and white. Each lamp string runs on 2 AA batteries, so the battery holder should be placed in the pocket at first, then the adhesive tape and the LED lamp on the aluminum reflector should be adhered evenly. If you want to make the coat look better, you must find a way to diffuse the spot of the LED lamp, such as using a thin absorbent cotton pad to allow most of the light to be transmitted to the outside, and the thickness of the cotton pad can also diffuse light waves. Because absorbent cotton is not easy to protect, transparent plastic sheets can be used to cover the whole jacket.

Making materials


Aluminum reflective material

LED lamp (11 x 20 water blue + 16 * 20 water blue, white)

Battery 54 sections AA 1,5V

Adhesive tape

Defatted cotton is about 2 square meters.

Plastic film is about 2 square meters.

Spray glue

Transparent spray paint

Old newspaper


Sewing machine


Paper cutter


Hot glue gun

And hands

Step one: sewing

The reflector can be made from absorbent cotton, because the LED lamp behind it needs to be fixed on the cotton surface. Some of the absorbent cotton is not covered. In particular, the joints of clothing are easily deformed and scratched, so these parts do not need absorbent cotton. Most of the skimmed cotton can be sewn up by sewing machines, and sewing machines should not be used in a small part of sewing machines.

Step two: fix LED lights.

After the jacket is wrapped up with aluminum products, the LED lamp can be fixed. Put them evenly on the coat and use tape to fix them. The tape can ensure enough flexibility between the aluminum products and the lamp string, and most importantly, the adhesive tape is the most effective adhesion method.

Step three: fixed defatted cotton batting

The next step is to fix the absorbent cotton, because the absorbent cotton is very light, so it needs a little glue to fix it. This is the simplest step in the whole production process. After about 30 minutes, you can start the next step.

Step four: defatted cotton batting

Here, you can see the effect of the whole coat covered with absorbent cotton. The appearance is not perfect, but absorbent cotton is essential. It helps LED light diverge.

Step five: plastic sheet

Defatted cotton is easy to deform, and plastic film should be used to cover the whole jacket. Here is a very lightweight plastic film, then cut into the size of the different parts of the coat, wrap these parts around the jacket, and then weld them together with a hot glue gun. Thin plastic sheets melt quickly. For highly important parts, highly flammable spray adhesives are used.

Step six: Coloring

After the jacket is covered with plastic film, it looks like a sandwich. The blue transparent coating is selected to spray onto the surface of the plastic film to complete the work of encapsulating optical components.

As is shown in the picture, the jacket looks good now, and the hazy appearance can make the light shine better.

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