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What hatred and hatred? Hecheng's LED exhibition rack has been moved away.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Qigihar daily news, recently, the Qigihar Daily reported in the form of pictures (Qigihar) Jianhua District, Qingdao Road, the famous car feast, love car cleaning decoration maintenance Club door, merchants set up LED exhibition frame disturbing people, occupying the road behavior, causing nearby residents strong dissatisfaction. In March 24th, the law enforcement officers of Jianhua district urban management team ordered the correction notice to the merchants, and within 7 days of the deadline, the merchants themselves would make rectification, otherwise, the news of forced demolition would be overdue.

March 30th is the last day for businesses to rectify themselves within a limited time. On the morning of that morning, Hou Yiguang, a law enforcement officer of Jianhua district urban management team, contacted the newspaper that the private LED display frame had been moved to the place where the public did not travel, and it was stipulated that the business would no longer be broadcast after 17:30 every day.

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