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Xiamen lakeside transports LED street lamp, a lamp saves 301 degrees per year.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Xiamen daily report, "street lights have changed, and many of them are bright. Now they are walking out at night. They can't see old friends when they see old friends." Lao Wu, who lives in Xiamen lakeside three miles, told reporters in an interview. Since the old street lamp renovation operation in the lakeside mile to four miles in August, the dilapidated street lamps have gradually been replaced by a new white street lamp, and the night area is brighter. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Municipal Engineering Management Office of Xiamen, at present, the street lamps of Li Li to three li have been completely replaced, and some parts of the four miles have not been completed, and the National Day is expected to be completed.

Lakeside mile to four Li belongs to the old island. The street lamps that have been in service for many years are basically very old nowadays, and the lighting effect is not good.

After the renovation operation started, the Xiamen Municipal Engineering Management Office, together with the community and police stations, collected residents' opinions on street lighting transformation, and combed some blind areas of lighting. It is understood that lakeside mile to four Li all the old street lamps add up to a total of 155, this transformation has been replaced; in addition, according to the needs of residents, add 40 street lamps.

It is understood that this year, the Municipal Engineering Management Office has carried out street lighting transformation between Toyama Mingshi garden and WAN he square. In the future, we will gradually promote the transformation of street lights in old residential areas. 37 street lamps will be added to Ke CuO area, Xian Yue Road and Changqing East Road. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of this month.


New streetlights: more durable and more energy efficient

The new street lamp has been improved a lot in hardware. The high-pressure sodium lamp installed in the district was replaced by LED point light source. This new lamp is made up of multiple point light sources. When a point light source is broken, other point light sources can also turn on the lights as usual. Not only that, the new lights are more energy efficient and environmental friendly, with a wattage of 75 WATTS. The past high-pressure sodium lamp is about 150 watts. In addition, the LED lamp has dimmer controller, which automatically lowers power after 12 p.m., and every year, each lamp can save 301 degrees of electricity than before.

The new lampposts for replacement are 4 meters and 6 meters two. There are more trees in the residential area, and some street lamps are designed to be 4 meters high to avoid tree shading. In order to keep the street lamps from being blocked by trees, the lamp heads of new lamps also extend to the middle of the road to make the lighting better.

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