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Xinjiang Corps invest 4 million 50 thousand to reload 455 LED street lamps.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


A few days ago, on the main street of the seventy-seven regiment of the fourth division of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, the construction workers were installing solar energy saving lamps on both sides of the road. At that time, more than 450 street lamps will add a beautiful landscape to the "lighting project" of the regiment.

To speed up the pace of urbanization, the Group invested 4 million 50 thousand yuan this year, concentrating on the main street and residential area of the regiment to install solar LED light sources. Among them, 2 million 300 thousand yuan was invested, 105 solar street lamps were installed in the main street of the regiment, and 1 million 750 thousand yuan was invested in the new affordable housing, Mingzhu Jiayuan district and the Kang Su Yi residential quarter, respectively, with 350 solar lights installed.

It is understood that the street lamp installed by the regiment is a solar LED light source street lamp. This street lamp is easy to install and has enough brightness. The energy saving ring blasting has two functions of light control and time control. The project is expected to be completed by the end of October.

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