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You're not mistaken! This suspended bulb can really float.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to cnBeta, people will add some ornaments outside the bulb in order to make their lights better. In fact, simply a single bulb can be very fashionable, so long as it is suspended. Flyte visual effect is simple and straightforward. As long as the bulb is placed vertically on the lamp holder, it can float there and shine. No need for unnecessary decoration, as long as it suspends, it can surprise people.

In fact, there is no strange black technology behind Flyte. The core is the hidden magnet and inductance coil in the lampholder. The former allows the bulb to float, while the latter plays the role of wireless power supply. Even if the principle is simple, it looks cool, that's enough.

Perhaps the practicality of Flyte is not so strong, and the price of $250 is also a little expensive, but from it, we seem to be able to see how the magnetic levitation technology will change our life in the future.

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