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Zhejiang Haining speed up LED street lighting transformation

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Nearly 2000 LED street light transformation projects in Haining city of Zhejiang city have been formally put into operation before acceptance. It is understood that since the beginning of February this year, the renovation project of street lamps mainly aims at some old urban districts and surrounding roads, and some street lights on some urban branches. These street lamps have been seriously aged, with low protection level and low efficiency of old reflectors. To further speed up the work of energy saving and emission reduction and achieve the goal of "dual control" of energy, Haining street lamp Management Co., Ltd. has adopted the "energy contract management" mode to complete the LED street lamp renovation project through the government tendering.

If the street lamp is replaced by a LED street lamp and the lighting effect is not affected, it can achieve more than 50% energy saving rate and extend the service life of 2~3 years and reduce maintenance costs. The head of the street lamp company said that the company plans to complete the energy-saving transformation of more than 6000 street lamps in Haining's main road and the main urban area by the end of June this year, so as to realize all the energy saving lights in the main roads and main urban districts of Haining.

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