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ecolight tech asia 2015

Time:2017-04-04 FONT:bigMinmin


Combined with more energy saving technology and the surrounding technology (such as smart air conditioning, solar system) of the Thailand EcoLight Tech Asia 2015 exhibition, this time we have seen some new ideas. The exhibition was organized by Thailand's NCC exhibition unit, as well as Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in November 19th to November 21st.

The exhibition is divided into three main areas of energy saving technology, the first is located in the middle of the whole exhibition lighting, the left is right is the wisdom of solar air-conditioning exhibition exhibition.

The Japanese giant MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi) booth as an example, it is the main energy related technology booth of this exhibition in Thailand this year, not only their own output of visible light LED product series, under the banner of the courtyard lamp, LED lamp, solar panels, and intelligent air conditioning products.

Gunkul also exhibited solar and LED light source related products.

In addition, Chinese manufacturers like Haier (Haier) shows its own air-conditioning products.

Thailand can be said to be an important market in Southeast Asia, the exhibition in addition to Thailand local domestic sales, export, but also the Southeast Asian regional market buyers, sellers participating. However, the exhibition can be found to have a firm, with nearly half off of the price discount to sell LED lighting products. We see like Unistar Opto and Racer of the manufacturers to low to only 89 baht (about 15.9 yuan) of the price in the sale of certain type of LED lighting, as well as the Sweoo is the manufacturer selling price is only 100 baht (about 17.87 yuan) of the LED T8 lamp.

LEDinside noticed that several innovative products, manufacturers show ingenuity in design.

TP Halo launched a LED growth lamp for plants, as well as in tropical and subtropical areas of the LED mosquito lamp, set about 500 nm wavelength range, so that insects do not like to close to the light.

Soitec provides a new way to use the LED concept lamp, can replace the information in the rectangular box structure of the lamp, the message can be displayed on its transparent screen, the application of the material is very special.

While Eve Lighting show their first solar LED Garden lights, there are many buyers ask.

In terms of energy management, there are many companies, for example Japan Seiko group Seiko Solutions, demonstrating its energy management solutions GreenTalk, they are optimistic about Thailand's energy management market development, this year in Thailand electricity price cost is high, the highest point is at the end of 2014, when the price per kWh about 4.5 Baht (about RMB 8 in 2015, but the angle) with the oil and other energy prices, has been reduced to 3 baht per kilowatt hour (about RMB 5.3 angle). Seiko believes that changes in electricity prices, as well as the market for energy-saving products, the development of future energy management related products helpful. Direct energy saving products, that is, with LED lighting.

At present Thailand market consumption is big, should pay the price per unit is higher, for example the average residential electricity is 3 baht per degree, but some will be high to industrial electricity per kWh 5 (about RMB 8.9 angle) to 6 baht (about 1 yuan) ranging from business to saving power management technology, energy saving LED light source, there is a huge demand in the long term, let us wait and see.

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