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QC Concepts

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QC Concepts

Time:2023-12-11 FONT:bigMinmin

  • 1 | ” The best quality and price for you

    Archled Limited, Which is a professional Manufactur and Exporter of mx linear lights, dmx wall washer, dmx flood lights, dmx 3D tube, dmx 3D balls, dmx strip and dmx pixels with Factory In China. In terms of quality, Archledtake"zero defect products" as the goal, constantly improve and enhance the quality of products. All of this, and only of the best quality and prices for you!
  • 2 | ” Quality Assurance

    ARCHLED has always been dedicated to producing flawless quality, high-performance products, and always provide quality service at reasonable prices. In order to maintain continuous improvement, Archled is equipped with a professional quality assurance team. Our quality management and control department is dedicated to providing top quality products for all of our customers. We currently have purchased quite a few testing devices to test the product’s performance accurately. All half-finished products and finished products will go through full inspection one by one instead of casual inspection. To assure high quality, we have a staff of 30 carrying out quality inspection, adhering to a strict quality management system.From product research to shipping, we pay close attention to customer’s requirements and guarantee the quality of the raw material and parts used in the production process.
  • 3 | ” Quality control is a system

    QC Staff More than 10 Materials/Components Our materials are source from the US, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Procedures/testing Details Advanced product quality planning Supplier quality control Incoming quality control Process quality control Quality engineer Final quality control Out going check Customer services
  • 4 | ” Good quality is not blown out.

    I believe you met a customer said: your lights and other products look and other manufacturers almost, why your high prices? Can be seen from the appearance, our products are not the same. No matter from the shell material, power supply, chip, heat dissipation, etc. It takes a long time and a great effort for our lighting engineers to develop the high-end products. The quality of each component determines the performance of the entire product, We dare not careless! So, in the value of the product, we can match its price, and examine oneself, feeling no shame.