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Q: How can we get your latest product catalogue?
A: You can directly email us for our latest e-catalogue or brochure.

Q: What is your product warranty?
A:Two years warranty. Meanwhile, once the malfunction products from us are confirmed, we soon make the new led lights and deliver to you, or repair the malfunction lights you send back. We are responsible for every product from our factory.

Q: Can you make lighting effects for our project?
A:Yes. If you find it difficult to make lighting effects by yourself, our engineer can make the effects in the control system according to your requirements, and you just operate very easily to make all the lights work.

Q:Does your Artnet controller compatible with other international softwares except Madrix software?
A:Yes. After years of research and development on control system, our Artnet controller series have improved quite a lot. It can work stably with most of the softwares popular in the market, such as Arkaos, Martin, Grandma, etc.

Q: Can you make a faster delivery if it's in urgently needed?
A:On the premise of quality assurance, we will arrange your order as fast as we can. We don't want to see you receive our goods in advance with malfunctioned products inside, which will spend more time and cost of you. As we only offer qualified products.

Q: Can you customize the led products when we have special requirements?
A:Yes. As most of our led lights are customized according to our customers, we are good at this job and glad to make a new product for you.